Posted by: Mike | July 31, 2008

Linux FS Benchmarks update

I decided to go ahead and benchmark btrfs anyway, since it only took a few more steps and it provides a interesting glimpse at the future albeit a buggy and undocumented one (no man pages, no –help text).

So the practical fs’s I’ve run the tests on are ext3, xfs, jfs, and reiser.  The old standards for comparison are the non-journalled ext2 and vfat.  I also threw in ntfs-3g just for the sake of comparison, and the fact that it might be interesting for some to see vfat vs. ntfs on linux for those who are dual booting.  Lastly I’ve included reiser4 and btrfs as a glipse at the bleeding edge.  Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t currently seem to have support for ext4 yet for me to test (or at least that I’ve noticed in my poking around), and using the stock ubuntu kernel is a key premise to my benchmarking.

Personally I care most about seeing ext3, xfs, jfs, and reiser(3) up against each other on my system, as I’m not brave enough to trust data to anything newer. My guess is that in the end I’ll go with xfs or jfs for my personal use.  Hopefully I’ll have finished all my data collection tomorrow and I can move on to crunching numbers and making pretty graphs (although hopefully simpler than most created by iozone ;).

In other news, I finished mocking up the case I’m building from scratch for my Atom project.  It looks great in its cardboard glory and provides plenty of space for drives, even if it does say Kenmore.

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