Posted by: Mike | August 6, 2008

delays and potential prose

I apologise for the delays in both the filesystem benchmarks and the FreeNAS projects, but I’ve been a bit worn out from the whole back-to-school thing at my real job, and wanted to help someone get a decent image of XP running in Spanish for a computer lab being set up in Mexico, since I think it’s a noble cause.  Plus a lot of my free mindcycles are being taken up by planning my wedding, or at least watching the planning happen.

I’m thinking of editing some essays I’ve written on the history and philosophy of technology for posting, but I usually end up not liking what I’ve written before I can finish something like this. We’ll see.  My fascination with Douglas Englebart has been renewed, so there may be something about that.

Oh, I’ve really been enjoying the Byrds lately, so if you’re into that sort of thing, I recommend it.

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