Posted by: Mike | March 29, 2009

FreeNAS on Atom board est morte, vie le Boxee

After I got FreeNAS running I sought the perfect case, then ran into too many hurdles.  Nothing suited my needs, or was far too pricey.  I hate to spend nearly $300 on a machine with under $100 invested in the CPU/Mobo combo.  Eventually I just ran out of steam on the idea.  The 2 SATA limitation, single PCI slot, and only 10/100BaseT Ethernet limited my dreams too much.  Not enough drives vs not enough throughput, can only fix one if you ignore the CPU load problem left me in too tight of a spot.  But I know I’m not too far off.  I’m looking forward to future Atom/ITX iterations for this dream project.  There must be some interest figuring this long-vacant blog post has still been getting comments.

Now the board is nicely situated below my TV in a Winsys chassis, dedicated to Ubuntu/Boxee lightweight media center-ish thing, mostly for watching back episodes of TV shows like my favorite, Burn Notice.  I’m using an old MCE remote kit with my schmancy Logitech Harmony remote pretty well.

I’m going to try to keep up with reviews of interesting toys and gadgets I play with, since I am interested in playing with the review formula.

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