Posted by: Mike | March 29, 2009

In search of the perfect keyboard with the perfect price tag

I’ve been using this ugly Kensington Mac keyboard for over a year now, and am hooked on the feel of scissor-switch/laptop keys.  They’re light and responsive.  However it seems that the keyboards that have them always have odd layouts.  As I’ve been putting in hours kludging together some PHP/SQL my old keyboard has been a source of frustration.  First it’s white keys are turning a shade of yellow.  Second they odd page up, page down, home, end layout plus extra Ctrl keys still confuses my poor fingers.

After some searching, I thought I found it.  An Enermax Aurora Premium.  Scissor switch keys, nice aesthetics.  The reviews scared me off the black, since the paint seems to wear off.  But then when I was about to click “buy” and was looking at the photos it hit me.  It has the huge Enter key, tiny backspace, and odd backslash placement:  deal breakers.

I’ve settled for a Logitech Cordless Desktop S520.  It’s a phony.  Standard keys laid out to look laptopish, but normal placement and wirelessness, plus low cost (and some Best Buy rewards burning a hole in my pocket) convinced me.

The layout is very nice.  They managed to stick the bonus fluff keys at the bottom, but in a way you don’t bump them typing, even with my odd 6 finger typing.  The slant is perfect. The calculator key is nice if I’ll ever think to use it.  Ctrl, Alt and Meta are where my fingers naturally expect.  The downside is that the keys go deeper than you would expect, which takes a little getting used to.  The included mouse is decent.  A little small, and it feels like the indentation on the right side is bigger than the left, which just feels off, although I can’t see a difference with my eyes.  It feels more like one of those little laptop mice.  The wheel, well, it kind of sucks.  The “click” on it is a bit abrasive.  I may nd up using my older Logitech MX518.  I’m not a gamer but I have loved Logitech’s gaming mice, especially when dealing with graphics and other tasks that require accuracy.

Overall I would give the set a 6/10.  Better in some ways than I expected, but not stellar in any way other than the keyboard’s layout.


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