Posted by: Mike | March 29, 2009

Silence is golden: the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 R2

First off, I’m not a gamer.  I’m not into case modding.  But I do like my computer to shut up and let me listen to music.  My XFX Geforce 8600GT has been the bane of my existence since I bought it.  Sure it was a great card performance-wise for what I needed: better than onboard, not expensive. But it sounded like a small harrier in my poor case.

Finally after re-establishing my man cave, and trying to enjoy some tunes, I had enough.  I needed a quiet sound card.  A silent one.  After a bit of research I found the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 R2.  It fit my needs perfectly: it was silent, and it stuck to my card.  A few days later it arrived.

The installation was actually quite simple.  It took me a little over 15mins while watching my University of Memphis Tigers loose to Missouri in the Sweet 16, so probably 10 mins normal time.  The only bad part is that they used a different bracket to hold the heatsink off the far edge of the card than the one depicted in the directions, but I’m no dummy.  I did lose one of the supplied washers when pulling said directions out of the plastic bag containing both them and the small parts.  BTW, Artic Cooling, shoving all of that into a tiny ziplock seems so un-Swiss, but I digress.  Memory sinks were stuck after the recommended eraser treatment, heatsink was attached and the massive thing was squeezed into the case.  Note that the fins are easily bent (and easily rectified), luckily this makes the thing quite lightweight, and I’m sure quite conductive.

After installing my GPU temps actually dropped by a couple degrees to be sitting between 41C and 43C as opposed to the stock 45C.  This is running in Ubuntu with Compiz fusion doing day-to-day stuff.  Again, I don’t game, so I’ll leave “under load” to those that do.  But now my machine is totally silent.  Approx $40 and 15 mins took my machine to irritatingly noisy to happily quiet, where the loudest thing in the room is the AC/heat (depending on the moment in Memphis).   I’d give it a 8/10.

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